Who we are

Who We Are

Construtora Sucesso is a company that works on the implementation of effective engineering solutions aiming at business feasibility with better cost, schedule or time/ deadline and quality.

The company draws on a robust and distinguished portfolio, encompassing energy, infrastructure and building construction projects. In operation since 1980, Sucesso stands out through its expertise and excellence in works associated to renewable energy generation.

The company is focused on ethical and responsible operations, always on the look for fair value-adding to all audiences involved, as well as respect to the environment. Clients, partners and collaborators represent the strong basis supporting Sucesso mission to perform its work in the present, with dedication and dynamism, so as to construct a thriving company and contribute to a better future.

While strongly connected to its state of origin – Brazilian north-eastern state of Piauí – Construtora Sucesso has gone beyond state borders, being currently present in projects within various regions in Brazil.

With its existence spanning for almost four decades, the company portfolio comprises roads, bridges, thermoelectric plants, transmission lines, sanitation and water works, wind farms, shopping centres, commercial and residential buildings, airports, and industries of various sectors. Sucesso’s track record has been underscored by challenges, persistence, innovation by using the best technologies available, and achievements.

Avenue Raul Lopes, Teresina

Teresina Shopping Centre

Construtora Sucesso

Construtora Sucesso is a company working on the implementation of effective engineering solutions aiming at business visibility with better cost, schedule and quality.


Av. Pres. Getúlio Vargas, 500 - Tabuleta, Teresina – PI - Brazil, 64017-815


+55 (86) 3216-2400

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Construtora Sucesso 2021

Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 500 - Bairro Tabuleta - Teresina PI

+55 (86) 3216-2400


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