Supporting initiatives associated to sports -badminton – is a hallmark of Sucesso’s social commitment.

Since 2007, the company has invested in initiatives to provide children and adolescents under unfavourable socioeconomic conditions with better quality of life through the association between sports and education.

Sucesso provides uniforms, sports material and, above all, encouragement so that participants may always have an attitude deeply grounded on ethics, meritocracy, and willingness to collaborate. And that is certainly valid for way beyond sports courts.

The construction company is the official badminton sponsor in the state of Piauí, investing in promoting competitions within the region and enabling players to engage in tournaments in Brazil and abroad, thus contributing for new athletes to be revealed and formed.

This initiative has allowed for the dissemination and practice of badminton both in the state and in the country, helping to transform lives upon creating in so many youngsters a new perspective for the future.

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